Tile & Grout Cleaning

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Your tile and grout flooring and counter areas add fashion to your business.

To keep them looking good, these areas need to be periodically professionally cleaned. The strip-seal-and-wax1more sensitive grout lines in particular are subject to the damage caused by soils and stains, and over time need to have the protection of a sealer added back. The difference in appearance can be pleasantly surprising.

First, a mild cleaning formulation is applied to the tile and grout. This begins the cleaning process, loosening up soils, grease and spots. Then the area is agitated with brushes and live steam to thoroughly clean the tiles and to deeply penetrate the pores of the grout.

Once the soils and greases have been vacuumed away, counter areas are hand toweled, larger floor areas bonneted. This completes the tile and grout cleaning process.

The grout is now ready for the application of a professional grout sealer. This protects the grout against liquid spills and soil, helping your tile and grout areas to keep there best look.

The finished areas are ready for reuse in 2-5 hours, up to 72 hours is better.

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